Do you have a way to persuade others? Have you ever been able to sell anything or provide a service to the audience because of your abilities? Still unsure what methods to take in order to generate money? If you’re looking for information on how to make money using the best recurring affiliate programs, look no further, in this article we’ll show you the best affiliate recurring affiliate programs.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This is a successful online sales approach in which the owner may earn a share of commission from affiliates for marketing their goods/services. Every product purchase made through their links generates profit for the affiliate.

This form of marketing involves a business acknowledging third-party publishers to create large amounts of leads and traffic to their website, resulting in increased sales for the company’s products and services. So, this is about affiliate commissions. But did you know that affiliates may also earn a recurring commission? We’ll explain how.

What Is A Recurring Affiliate Commission?

Some firms pay you a one-time affiliate fee for selling their goods or service. Some businesses, on the other hand, offer you a recurring wage. The share of the pie you earn varies from firm to firm, but you are compensated as long as the client stays with the business.

Do you have an idea how to create a recurring affiliate income? We’ve got you covered! You’re reading the correct piece of writing since here you’ll learn about the greatest recurring affiliate programs that will aid you in becoming an affiliate and maintaining a consistent revenue stream.

The Concept of Recurring Affiliate Programs

Recurring affiliate programs are a special type of affiliate program that pays you a commission for each conversion made by your referrals. It implies that these systems pay you not just on the first purchase made by your referrals but also on all purchases they make as a result of their recommendation.

Why Selecting Affiliate Programs With a Recurring Commission?

It is preferable to earn a less recurring payment than to receive a one-time larger payment. Isn’t it? An example can help you understand this concept. For instance, making a 25 percent recurrent commission ($12.5) on a $50 bill is preferable to earning a 75 percent one-time commission on the same amount ($37.5).

The Power of the Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Another advantage of signing up for recurring programs is that you will not have to spend much money, time, or effort in order to get your referrals converted into sales because they will take care of the rest.

It’s a win-win situation for affiliates and corporations since it allows them both to benefit. Affiliates may easily entice their customers with an entry-level offer and extra compensation after the fact. On the other hand, companies enjoy recurring commissions since they enable them to boost sales considerably.

The Top 26 Recurring affiliate Programs Including Hosting reviews

Recurring affiliate programs, without a doubt, are the most convenient method to meet your monthly budget. Furthermore, it supplies a regular income each month, which is critical in today’s expensive environment. Here are 26 outstanding recurring revenue affiliate programs that may assist you in earning money:


BeRush is the SEMRush affiliate program, which is an outstanding affiliate marketing opportunity for bloggers and digital marketers. It pays you a huge commission of up to 40% recurring income on every transaction you make.

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SEMRush is a useful tool for analyzing and optimizing advertisements. This platform enables you to conduct extensive research, including ad consulting, competitor analysis, keyword research, and SEO audits of various websites. Furthermore, it is simple to sell regardless of your marketing method to advertise your content: affiliate marketing or traditional marketing.


Cloudways is a cloud hosting service that specializes in hosting solutions for well-known websites such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and others. You may select between a ‘Slab-based’ system or a ‘Hybrid’ system to earn your monthly profit.


On the other hand, the hybrid model is ideal for earning recurring commissions. The platform pays up to $125 per sale (slab-based) or $30 per sale plus a 7% commission each month (hybrid).


ConvertKit is a top recommended recurring affiliate program that digital marketers, vloggers, and bloggers should consider as a great fit. The affiliate Network pays you a fee of 10% for each payment made by a customer who signs up through your affiliate ID.

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It implies that if you can get 115 followers and have them subscribe, you may make $1,000 per month.


Mangools is referred to as the most popular SEO platform, with over 500,000 clients in 200+ countries. KFinder is one of its finest solutions.

Screenshot 2021 12 02 173556 1

It is one of the most known tool for people looking to start their brand, build a following of clients and generate recurring income. The best feature about this website is that it provides immediate access to the affiliate section. You are not required to obtain approval after signing up using the Mangools account.


AWeber is a fantastic affiliate program with high-quality products and outstanding customer service. The platform caters to small businesses and entrepreneurs, allowing users to choose from various prebuilt templates (over 700) and create an attractive email address.


Affiliates at AWeber receive extensive support through their affiliate Newsletters, which are easy-to-print marketing items and sale stats. The most popular email marketing software is recognized for quickly closing a deal. It also allows users to send RSS and follow-up emails without any difficulties.


Leadpages is a top landing page builder with a large collection of professional templates and lead generation solutions.

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It allows for the conversion of landing pages to pop-ups and websites. Furthermore, it makes the site’s entire construction easier by providing adaptable and mobile-friendly designs.


GetResponse is a popular email marketing software with many features to offer. All you have to do is type and submit the appropriate information, whether it’s for the landing page, sales page (which comes pre-designed), or starting a new marketing campaign.


The platform adds value to the marketer’s day-to-day job by providing a variety of traffic generation and email marketing tools and e-commerce solutions.


MailerLite is a one-stop shop for all of your email marketing needs, including landing page builder, drag and drop builder, and automated email sequences. The software allows users to create leads quickly by sending automated email sequences.


The affiliate program pays a 30% per-purchase recurring commission on every purchase made via a user’s recommendation. It also provides several promotional items and excellent customer service.


Drip is a fantastic email marketing platform that is both powerful and inexpensive. To become an affiliate, go to this page and earn a substantial 30% recurring commission each month.


The Drip affiliate program largely depends on marketing agents, who may market Drip directly to their clients. In contrast, software developers are preferred since they aid in establishing integration agreements.


Shopify’s best-known eCommerce platform, founded in Canada and is now headquartered in the United States. More than one million companies from all around the world use the forum.


An affiliate marketing network is a group of companies working together on a referral program to provide benefits and incentives to people who make purchases through their sites. Each month, you earn 20% to 30% recurring commission on each monthly subscription fee that your referrals pay. For free, you can create your Shopify store.


SocialPilot is an exceptional affiliate platform that pays affiliates a solid recurring commission for life, up to 30%. It assists with team collaboration and social media scheduling.

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With this product, you can track your competitors’ traffic, track what links are being shared on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, monitor the effectiveness of your content’s impressions, optimize remarketing ads for better ROI. It also gives detailed analysis reports and boosts customer engagement.


The main feature that distinguishes the RankXL approach is the inclusion of multiple clicks, which provides power to customers. You may use stories (introduction) and testimonials (conclusion), as well as other branded content, in your email subject lines.


Although this program may appear to be pricey, it is well worth the money because it comes with powerful marketing tools with a high conversion rate. Join this program and earn a 40% commission by promoting it properly.



Stencil is the greatest graphic design program for social media marketers and bloggers, with many fantastic features that allow you to create stunning pictures quickly. The software provides a fair chance to all affiliates by assisting them in earning a 30% recurring commission on every sale made through your registered referral’s account.


Instapage is a cost-effective platform that allows you to build appealing landing pages quickly. It also has a simple drag-and-drop interface, making it user-friendly for newcomers.

Screenshot 2021 12 02 175142 1

The post-click automation platform converts advertising clicks into more conversions. It also enables you to profit from recurring commissions, earning up to 50% for the first year and 30% thereafter.


Kinsta is a fantastic choice for companies of all sizes since it combines top-rated managed WordPress hosting on the Google Cloud with Google Cloud.

Screenshot 2021 12 02 175320 1 1

Affiliates get a healthy commission of signup bonuses of $50 to $500, as well as 10% recurring commissions.


One of the greatest recurring affiliate programs in existence, Viddiq, helps marketers and Youtubers grow their presence considerably.


Every purchase generated through your referral may earn you up to 25% recurring commission on the platform.


Over the last several years, SiteGround has built a solid reputation and is now worth considering if you’re searching for inexpensive, high-quality hosting services. We’ll go through Siteground hosting reviews, as well as their three main WordPress hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and Go Geek.


Your monthly commission is calculated based on the total number of transactions recorded during a month. Depending on the currency in which the transaction was made, they pay per transaction:

  •     1 to 5 sales – 50AUD/30GBP/40EUR/50USD
  •     6 to 10 sales – 75AUD/50GBP/60EUR/75USD
  •     11 to 20 sales – 100AUD/65GBP/75EUR/100USD
  •    21 and over sales – Custom Commission


LiveChat is a fantastic affiliate program that allows small businesses to profit from their services reasonably.


LiveChat is a messaging platform that allows customers to interact with one another online or on the phone, directly from the app, facilitating customer engagement.


Is it possible that we’ve overlooked Snappa?


The software is highly beneficial to marketers and bloggers because it allows them to create graphics for blogs, video tutorials, social media marketing, advertisements, and other similar projects.


NinjaOutreach is a worldwide blogging/social media influencer network accessible through a single platform. It’s a one-stop-shop for any new-age marketer, offering access to more than 80 million bloggers and social media influencers across the world.

Screenshot 2021 12 02 180254

The platform has been known to generate more leads and boost consumer engagement. It also aids in the growth of your business by offering a 20% recurring commission.


Teachable is a fantastic affiliate program, especially for newcomers. It features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to create your website without technological expertise.


Nowadays, it is used by more than 28 million students worldwide, allowing everyone to earn a 30% recurring commission on each sale made through their links.


DepositPhotos is a popular affiliate program that provides a large selection of stock videos, photos, and vectors at low costs.


It makes it simple for anybody to get traction on social media since it comes with a substantial number of files and adaptable pricing plans. You may earn a 40% commission on the initial purchase and a 25% lifetime recurring commission.



Payhip is a complete solution for selling digital products, such as software, clothing, music, ebooks, and art. It’s an e-commerce platform that allows sellers to directly sell their content to consumers (fans and followers).


SAMCart is an e-commerce platform that allows small and big companies to sell one primary product. In general, it lets you create a website for displaying your items and taking orders.

Screenshot 2021 12 02 180806 1

The main benefit of this website is that it provides each affiliate with its own dedicated affiliate manager and monthly promotional material. 

Post Affiliate Pro

Blogs and marketers will appreciate Blogger Pro, which allows them to sell their goods easily. The best feature of this platform is the user-friendly design that makes it simple for novices to understand their campaigns, commissions, and reports instantly.


In conclusion, as you have seen on Siteground hosting reviews, these programs are also one of the most effective ways to make recurring revenue. Some affiliate programs have restrictions on earning recurring commissions. The best affiliate marketing programs allow you to establish a lifetime income. ConvertKit, ClickFunnels, Siteground hosting, AWeber, and several other companies, what are your favorite affiliate programs? Let me know in the comments below.