What Are WordPress Plugins?

Simply, a WordPress plugin is a set of files written in PHP language to enhance the website’s functionality. WordPress is well known for having thousands of plugins. In this guide, I will walk you through how to install WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins are one of the critical factors in website development.

Plugins are similar to apps. They allow you to customize your website and add new features like newsletters, contact forms, push-up notifications, and much more.

WordPress is well known for having thousands of plugins. In this guide, I will walk you through how to install WordPress plugins.

To simplify the whole process, I have created a video to show you how to install these plugins.

How To Install WordPress Plugins

 There are mainly two methods to install your WordPress plugins,

  • Uploading
  • Searching

Install a WordPress Plugin From The Search Bar

The search method is by far the most used by WordPress webmasters. 

To install a plugin, go to the search bar and type the plugin you would like to install

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Small note: Just Installing a plugin will not make it functional. You will need to activate it. 

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Most of the plugins in the search bar are free. However, some of them have a premium plan, in case you want to upgrade

After typing the plugin you’re looking for, you will see many other plugins with similar features. Choose the plugin that fits your business. We choose to install the wordfence plugin because this is the bread and butter for WordPress websites.

Click on Install now button, and you’ll see that WordPress will download the plugin for you. After the plugin has been downloaded, you’ll need to install it. There will be a button with written Install Now and then click on activate it.

That’s it. You have now installed your WordPress plugin.

Install a WordPress Plugin From The Upload Bar

Usually, when you need to upload a plugin, you bought it from websites like codecanyon, so when you have your plugin files, all you need to do is upload those files.

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You will notice the upload form, simply choose the file that you have downloaded earlier to your computer, and you need to click on Install now button. 

Once you have installed your plugin, click on activate now. Sometimes (especially if you download from external websites), you’ll need to configure the plugin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we find the best plugins to enhance our website?

With more than 54.000 plugins, WordPress is the best CMS(content management system) on the internet. However, this number can overwhelm beginners. In this guide, we have listed the must-have WordPress plugins for your business. 

Does Installing Many Plugins Affect Website Speed?

We get questions like this every week, and the simple answer depends.

If a plugin is badly coded, it does affect your website speed, and if you’re using shared hosting, it may affect your speed, so the main key point here is:

  • Install only plugins with the best ratings and with the highest rate of active installations

What if you don’t longer need a plugin?

You can uninstall WordPress plugins easily. Simply go to the plugin homepage and click to deactivate. After that, click on delete, and WordPress will remove the plugin from the website.

Should I Keep inactive plugins?

Inactive plugins can harm your websites. How? Every plugin needs updates, and For this reason, if you keep inactive plugins, your website may be exposed to hacking attempts, so the best thing to do in this scenario is to delete inactive plugins.

Use Plugins That You Need

I always recommend using as few plugins as possible, avoid installing plugins with the same functionality, also, don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!